Why save energy?

Energy efficiency in compressed air has become a key issue on every finance directors and plant managers’ agenda. With ever increasing costs of energy, the need to generate compressed air in the most energy efficient way possible is of paramount importance. Every £ saved is straight off the direct cost of the business and therefore provides major benefits to all companies, large or small.

Airmac-Gdi are able to offer advice and recommendations for all areas of your business concerning the energy efficient generation and use of compressed air. With a pro-active approach to providing energy efficient solutions, we are therefore driving down the cost of running your system.

Energy survey

Undergoing an energy survey is often the first step to improving the energy efficiency of your compressed air system. We utilise the most advanced energy surveying equipment to audit all areas including generation, treatment, distribution and process usage. Airmac-Gdi technicians will install state of the art logging equipment which will allow us to forward a detailed survey on your compressed air systems condition with particular reference to energy and the operating efficiencies. Following a full analysis of your systems energy and air usage, Airmac-Gdi will forward a report on potential ways to generate energy savings via various methods dependent upon your site specific needs.

Airmac-Gdi are committed to providing energy efficient solutions for your sites air compressor requirements.

Leak detection service

A compressed air leakage is literally costing you money! Airmac-Gdi provide a comprehensive leak detection service that will assist in reducing your companies levels of compressed air consumption subsequently reducing the cost of generation. Utilising state of the art ultrasonic leak detection equipment even the smallest of leaks can be identified.