Refrigerant air drying

A range of air cooled refrigerant compressed air dryers with capacities from 0.18 to 120 m3/min (6 – 4000cfm) at 7 barg working pressure. Suitable for any commercial or industrial application. Benefits of using refrigerant compressed air dryers include:

  • Environmentally efficient, use either R134a or R404a refrigerant

  • Pressure Dew Point (PDP) of +3ºc at 7 barg working pressure

  • Very compact

  • Handle pressures up to 40 barg

  • High ambient capability of up to +60ºc (Inlet +70ºc)

  • Pressure capability of up to 200 barg working pressure

  • Five year warranty available via the Airmac-Gdi maintenance package

Desiccant air dryer

With compressed air being an important source of energy, the importance of having a clean a contaminant air supply is vitally important. With any form of moisture in a compressed air line potentially causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and costly machine downtime, it is important to have the right air dryer for your installation. Offering design packages with your business and environment in mind, Airmac-Gdi can provide you with a tailor-made dryer solution.

In-line filtration

Airmac-Gdi can offer you a wide range of compressed air and gas filtration products for use in almost every industrial environment. For detailed specifications or more information on the range available, including threaded filters and modular filter designs, call today and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team of filtration engineers.

Activated carbon towers

Activated carbon towers provide an excellent solution when there is a requirement to removed oil vapours and/or odours from a compressed air supply. Carbon towers are generally a requirement for those working in the hospital, electronic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

The use of carbon towers, together with a suitable filtration system, will help remove liquid, oil and water, as well as reducing water vapours.