With all air compressor installations, it’s vitally important to have the correct condensate processing as part of the system. Compressed air condensation often equates to 99% water and 1% oil and if left untreated can incur costly disposal via specialist companies. With this in mind, Airmac-Gdi can supply and install condensate processing filters that will not only ensure that your air compressor is working to its full capability but will also help save potential damage in the future. 

Using the industry standard BEKOMAT®, from BEKO, we can provide you with reliable and energy saving condensate processing, without the loss of compressed air.

Condensate processing

  • Functions unaffected by dirt, resulting in reliable operation

  • Equipped with a fault signal

  • Requires very little maintenance

  • Large cross-sections to prevent emulsification

  • Operates in accordance with the actual condensate quantity

  • Avoids unnecessary loss of compressed air